Unattractive Cat Is Loved For The First Time

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is the perfect metaphorical phrase for Valentino’s story.
Valentino is an adorable cat that people tend to ignore for its unattractive appearance. Unfortunately, the poor cat had a skin infection, which made his fur look grimy, and his eyes were shut as well. But as every being, Valentino needed some affection too.

When Elaine Seamans, a loving human being, saw Valentino for the first time, she looked right into his soul instead of his unusual look and was captured by his heart.

Seamans’s heroic deed was published alongside some heart-melting pictures of the adorable duo, and the world fell in love with him.

Valentino was in a horrible condition when he was rescued from the streets. He was skin and bones, the severe skin infection was getting worse and the fact that his eyes were so swollen that he could barely see wasn’t helping him to fend for himself.

His appearance made people scared, they didn’t want to come near him. After his rescue, he spent his time, caged all alone in the Baldwin Park animal shelter, where potential adopters weren’t interested in adopting him at all.

But Seamans surely turned his life around. When she visited the shelter, she heard some sad voices coming from one of the cages, she saw  Valentino whining and begging for a loving pet. She couldn’t resist him, and so she opened it and took him out.

Seamans was heartbroken by Valentino’s sad meow, she knew she was going to save him. The good-hearted woman didn’t care about his health condition, just held and hugged him with all of her heart as he rested on her shoulder.

While she was holding Valentino, she called her friend who was the founder of Leave No Paws Behind, Toby Wisneski. She told him about the loving cat and couldn’t help but agree to take him in.

These days the grateful feline loves to cuddle and purrs whenever he gets some attention. He finally knows how it feels to be truly loved.

Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.

Wisneski took Valentino home and although his bad condition, he’s getting so much better. He’s recovery will take some time, but everyone is positive that he has a bright future waiting for him.

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