Two Unloved Pit Bulls Comfort One Another In The Shelter

Pit Bulls are known to be the most common breed stranded in shelters. Although they’re strong, beautiful and adorable many people fear to adopt them. In worst cases, people adopt Pit Bulls to use them in dog fights, and simply abandon them when they’re weak or injured.

Truth be told, we don’t know a lot about Bridget and Louie’s history. All that we’re sure of is that their owner had dropped them off at the shelter with no explanation whatsoever. The duo was quite scared and disoriented, not knowing what’s next for them.

But they weren’t alone. One woman saw the two lost souls and felt her heart breaking along with theirs. The moment she saw them, she knew that she wanted to show them how true love truly feels.

Unfortunately, the anonymous woman couldn’t adopt Bridget and Louie, because she already had too many dogs at home. Nevertheless, she chose to foster them until the shelter could find them a forever home.

The woman and her husband brought the sweet pups home and they were welcomed by everyone. Louie was quite afraid and anxious due to his recent experiences, but thankfully he had sweet Bridget by his side to protect him from any harm and comfort him.

It was evident that Bridget was the real warrior between the two. They had a powerful bond and consequently, Bridget was always guarding her little brother.

When they arrived at their new place, Bridget felt instantly at home and headed over to chill on the couch. The pooch had a lot of sleep to catch up on, and the soft sofa amazingly comfortable, as opposed to the cold concrete floor in the shelter.

Although she was still quite alert, after a while Bridget had let her guard down and even assured Louie that they’re in a good place now and that it’s safe.

Although they were starting to warm up to the family, the canines were still pretty shaken up. The foster parents assume that the pooches didn’t have an actual home before, because they didn’t know how to function indoors at first.

The foster parents had to train the doggies and help them get better acquainted with indoor behavior. They were eager to learn and adapted quite quickly. Bridget and Louie loved to spend time with their foster parents, and the training was like extra quality time for them.

Bridget and Louie were inseparable from the start, so it was no surprise that they stayed that way at their foster home. The two shared the same crate, ate together, and practically spent every minute having fun with each other.

Their foster parents wanted them to interact with their dogs, so they introduced them. The introduction turned into a friendship from the first moment. 

It was incredible; the pups taught Bridget and Louie to open up, and reassured them they are in a safe place. Moreover, they taught the two pit bulls how to play and have fun like regular dogs.

After a few months, the two siblings were having fun with everyone. They had fully recovered from their trauma.

Time had passed, and a lot has changed, but the love that Bridget and Louie share was never stronger. The foster parents knew that they had to be adopted together because their relationship was too incredible to break.

After a while, someone had finally asked to adopt the two cuties and give them a forever home. A loving woman named Monica was following the posts about Bridget and Louie and, after a lot of thought, decided that she had to adopt them. 

The doggy’s foster mom met Monica and saw how much love she had to give the sweet canine siblings. The foster mom was happy to find someone who had that much affection for the canines, and it was apparent to her that Monica was destined to be their mommy.

Time passed so quickly, and suddenly the moving day had arrived The foster mom was relieved to know that Bridget and Louie were headed to a loving forever home but was really sad to part ways. She knew that she’d miss them a lot.

Two years later, Bridget, Louie, and Monica are as happy as a family can ever be. Watch the full story on the viral video below. It’s so emotional to see the road that these two pups have been through together. The story ends with a very happy note, and they only came out of it stronger and more loved.
There are so many pets that are waiting for someone to love them. It could be your next family member! So try to find ways and make room in your life to adopt.

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