Two Penguins Keep Coming Back To A Sushi Truck

It is no secret that penguins’ favorite food is fish. But we would have never thought that they would risk their lives just to get some good sushi.

In some mysterious way, two adorable blue penguins appeared at a sushi truck, Shushi Bi in the Wellington railway station, not far from New Zealand’s Wellington Harbour.

They probably wanted to make sure they would be the first customers, so they showed up around 6:30 AM. The two were nesting under the vehicle as the police rushed to release them back into the wild. 

Surprisingly, later that night, the stubborn penguins came back, seemingly, after crossing four traffic lanes to dine at their favorite shop. Another possibility was that the determined penguins traveled along local freshwater pipes hoping to get some fresh fish.

When a Sushi Be’s staff member, Wini Morris, heard an unlikely cooing sounds she spotted the two and was completely shocked.
She was surprised to learn that the penguins came back to camp under the shop, but she enjoyed greeting them.

When the Department of Conservation was contacted about the unlikely diners, the department’s members leaped to action and released them at a safe nesting area.

Although the two explorers were back at safety, the department still wanted to make sure they won’t come back at the shop since it was likely that they would return to establish their nesting spot once again.

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