Two Officers Save Two Kitties – One of Them Decides to Adopt Them Both!

This is definitely a story for the ages –  two cops save two adorable kitties and give them a home.

Our story began when a woman headed to her car, to start her day like any other. As she came near her car, she was shocked to realize that there were two little cats, stuck behind her bumper. 

The woman doesn’t usually check her bumper, but a recent article made her understand how important it is to check under the hood of her car since many cats are drawn to the heat that comes out of our cars’ engines. By looking under the hood, we make sure that there are no cutie fluffballs in danger at the moment we start our cars.

The woman assumed this could happen, but never to her. Astonished by this revelation, the woman looked for someone to help her rescue the cats from their little predicament. As if it was fate, she soon stumbled upon two animal-loving police officers and asked for their help in the matter.

Officers Hillard and Adkins were happy to save the day and leaped into action. They headed towards the car, cautiously grabbed the kitties and lifted them out of their cozy space.

The kittens were meowing with glee, enjoying the attention.

Adkins is one of the police’s finest. Recently, he’d won an award for being the South District’s officer of the year. With his chivalry, he’ll probably receive another prize next year. 

The phenomenal officer and cat lover made an instant connection with the two fluffballs. The moment he saw them, he knew he wanted to bring them home to his family.

Officer Adkins knew that his family would love to have the two kitties around, and he wanted to adopt a pet for a long time, so this coincidence genuinely seemed like fate for him. 

The furballs fell in love with Adkins as well and wanted him to pet them till eternity. 

After the incident, Adkins took the two kitties to the vet, to make sure they’re happy and healthy.

Several check-ups confirmed that the kittens were healthy and about six months old. 

Adkins fed the fluffballs and didn’t wait for a second to shower them with love. He could already imagine playing with the kitties and his kids at home.

The officer couldn’t believe what destiny had cooked up for him. The only reason he and his partner were around the area that day, was because there was a heist at a nearby local store called Tj Maxx. 

As the two officers were examining the area for clues, they ran into the woman that changed his life for the better. Thanks to her, he was able to meet his two favorite kitties in the world.

To honor the shop that led him to this unique chain of events, Adkins named the two fluffballs after the store; that’s right: Tj and Maxx.

Now, Adkins lives with his family, which includes two beautiful furballs, happily ever after.

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