Two Officers In Hollywood Rescued A Pint-Sized Puppy, Now He Refuses To Leave Their Side

We often hear about compassionate police officers who go above and beyond to save animals’ lives, but this adorable rescue puppy was so grateful for being picked up from the street and has conquered our hearts.

It was just another regular shift for police officers Tavera and Mercado when they found a tiny puppy during their patrol roaming near Hobart Boulevard. The right course of action seemed incredibly clear, and so they picked him up so he won’t have to fend for himself. 

The two decided to name the pint-sized dog “Hobart” after the street where they found him near. It seemed like the pup knew they were saving him and fully trusted them although they had never met.  

Something about the officers made him feel safe, so he became glued to his rescuers.

The police officers took the orphaned puppy to the LAPD Hollywood Division, where he followed them everywhere, refusing to leave their side.

Happily, it was captured on camera:

The LAPD tweeted, “Welcome to LAPD Hobart!”

We are happy for little Hobart that was luckily picked up from the street and is now at safety.

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