Two-Legged Dog Was Rescued And Now Travels The World

It was love at first sight. Gus is an adorable and affectionate pup who loves life. But the sweet pooch is a bit different, and he has only two hind legs. 

When Melody Rezzonico from Wyoming saw Gus’ photo for the first time, she didn’t know about his condition, but she did know that he had captured her heart. Something about his smile tugged at her heart, and she sent his photo to her mother, letting her know she wanted to adopt him.

Gus’ life begun in a cruel. He was abandoned in South Dakota when he was just four months old. But happily, it didn’t take long till Melody came at the shelter and turned his life around.

When they met for the first time, they both knew it was meant to be. Though Melody already had two dogs at home, she made more room for the little pooch. Surprisingly, it turned out that Gus was the most active doggo of the three canine siblings. The two-legged canine didn’t let his condition stop him from being a bountiful and happy dog.

Melody wanted Gus to feel comfortable and being able to keep up with the other dogs, so she got him a custom wheelchair, and he just loved it! He could run around on rocky paths, but unfortunately, he was limited at some places and specifically on the snow, so she took her efforts to the next level.

The loving mom decided to drive Gus all the way to Virginia to an appointment at a prosthetics shop, OrthoPets, hoping they would be able to help him. Then the staff fitted him a custom body shell prosthetic. The prosthetic was shaped like a snowboard so he could get around comfortably in the snow.

Thanks to Melody, Gus can travel on all kinds of terrains using his prosthetics. The sweet dog has been traveling the world and gone through some incredible adventures; kayaking, backpacking, and has even gone swimming — one of the greatest milestones in climbing a 14,000-foot mountain.

Gus’ story has tagged at the internet community’s heart and inspired people all over the globe. He is a living proof that nothing can hold us back when we look at the bright side of life.

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