Two Kittens Adopted By Unlikely Owner

While some people adopt unlikely pets, some animals get adopted by unlikely owners. 

Meet Debit and Credit, two kitten siblings who were rescued and adopted by a surprising owner, a transportation company in Ohio.

The cat siblings live and hang around the office. They do their job perfectly, and no, it’s not organizing folders and answering phone calls, but instead cheering people up.

One of the employees published an adorable picture of the duo playing around with an empty box on Reddit. Expectedly, viewers wanted to see more of the delightful pair, so they now have an iconic Instagram account with over 31.4K followers.

The adorable duo has captured the internet’s heart!

You probably wonder who takes care of the two on weekends, well don’t worry, employees visit them to feed them and provide some game time. 

As having animals in the office has proved itself as a successful work style, it becomes more and more popular, and pets surely benefit from the incredible trend. 

A behavioral psychologist, Lotte Spijkerman, says that having office pets serves lots of benefits to its employees. They ask for petting whenever they feel like, so it forces you to take a break and relax. Besides reducing anxiety level, it increases the worker’s productivity as well.

It all looks fun and games, but having office pets comes with lots of responsibilities. Fortunately, many people are allergic to pets. Also, logistically, you have to make sure that food, a little box, and lots of attention are always available. 

Scroll down to see some heart-melting pictures of the ‘Office Kittens Duo’.

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