Two Gigantic Sea Lions Borrow A Boat And Nearly Sink It

When Joshua Phillips was riding a boat on a sunny day, he came across an unlikely scenario that eventually has spread like wildfire. 

Seemingly, two gigantic sea lions decided to swim over a boat and take a rest.

It was on Puget Sound off the coast of Washington, where he noticed the pair of the enormous marine mammals climbing onto a boat. Without asking for any permission, they decided to borrow somebody’s vessel, trying to chill out and enjoy the sunny day on top of. But they had another thing coming.

They obviously weren’t aware of their weight, but somehow the vessel held the two for a quite long time, nearly sinking.

Phillips was shocked by the sighting and knew that it was something worth capturing:

  1. Ray

    Lol 💚

  2. Pooran Raymond

    Excellent, so nice , funny

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