Two Dogs Protect A Little Baby From A deadly Creature.

Dogs will do anything to protect us. Even risk their lives.

Jaime Selim and Pauie are a lovely couple from Kidapawan City, Philippines. When the pair goes to work, they take a baby sitter to watch over their baby, Skye, and their two lovely dogs, Miley and Moxie.

It was another regular day when they left the house, but when they got back from work, they came into a horror scene with one terrified baby sitter, a blind dog, a dead dog, and a dead Cobra snake.

The couple was shocked. They had no idea what happened while they were gone. They weren’t emotionally ready to lose a dog. Well, no one can actually be ready for something like that.

So what the in god’s happened there? As they looked at the CCTV footage, they had realized that their two dogs are heroes. The dog duo was laying in the yard as a huge deadly Cobra snake entered the garden. The two rushed to it and started to pull back the snake with their jaws for it was heading the front door.

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Dogs have wild instincts, they’ll do everything to protect their little ones, and so they did. As you can see in the video below the black dog named Miley gave a real fight, she didn’t give up although the deadly snake attacked her several times. She continued biting it and protecting the house with her own body.

The white dog named Moxie was so scared, but he pulled out a real fight as well. H backed off now and then but always came back to help his beloved companion. Although the deadly snake bit them, the dogs didn’t stop till it was dead.
The video shows the heroism that the dogs showed:

The horrible news left their parents devastated. Brave Miley gave everything, even her life so the snake won’t harm the baby. She was bitten several times by the deadly creature and after a while, passed away. Fortunately, Moxie was still alive, but he was left blind due to the poisonous venom.

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The parents are shocked and heartbroken. They are so proud of their two canine companions for risking their lives to protect the baby.

Thanks to the two four-legged friends, their daughter is safe. Miley is a hero, Rest in peace, you are missed.

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