Two Adorable Bear Cubs Breaks Into A Car As Owner Watches Them On Camera

Lately, we have been hearing about bears trespassing and doing some unlikely things that were recorded and captured the whole world. But when it comes to baby bears, every piece of content is treasure! 

Security systems employee from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, noticed something unlikely on camera and was completely shocked when we figured what it really was.

It was just another shift for Jeff Stokely when he saw two bear cubs intruding his work vehicle while it was parked at a customer’s place.

It started by hearing a vehicle horn honking for 20 minutes till he decided to check what it was all about. 

He never expected it to be a pair of curious baby bears trying to make the car start moving.

The employee believes that the playful cubs made their way in by climbing through the side door and locked it by pressing the door button while playing with the car features. 

When he caught the two siblings inside his car, he knew it was a scenario that had to be captured. After taking the video, he opened the door, so they could go back home.

Just take a look at the dramatic 3-part video down below:

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