Turns Out An Abandoned Dog Was Dumped For Being Ugly

Bjarni, was an abandoned dog that was found with a disfigured face. His past was pretty vague, but it was clear that he had been through a tough life.

It seems like his face was deformed because of an animal attack. He had lots of bite scars, crooked teeth, half a nose which made it hard to eat and breath.

After he was found in Huntsville’s streets the rescuers contacted his owner and told them about the possibility of euthanizing him but they didn’t mind and refused to take him back.

The co-founder of St. Francis’ Angels, Anne Graber was horrified by the situation. Soon, she brought him to the shelter and provided him the care he needed.

He went through a complex surgery at the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialist. They fixed his cute face to a level in which he can breathe and eat easily.

Anna said that the fact he had been through so much didn’t make him unfriendly to others, he’s a loving playful dog.

An incredible Update: Bjarni has found a caring family who loves him for who he is. He gets the love he deserves and he finally knows what it’s like to be truly loved. They named him ‘Hogan’.

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