Truck Driver Finds The Tiniest Orphaned Aardvark Hiding Behind His Tires

Just another regular day for this truck driver, living all the way in Namibia. The hard-working man was almost ready to start off his day. All he needed to do was inspect his vehicle, and he was all set.

Surprisingly, the truck driver noticed something around one of the truck’s wheels. It was an adorable tiny aardvark! It’s so rare to actually see one, let alone meet one in person. 

The sweet creature is usually found in South Africa alone. However, due to his nightly routine, he’s hardly witnessed by humans.

The astounded truck driver knew that the baby aardvark would never survive the wilderness all by himself, so he’d decided to take the animal with him to provide it some help.

The truck driver tried to see if the baby’s mom was anywhere in the area and if there was any chance of reuniting them. Sadly, he couldn’t find her anywhere, so he gently lifted the little aardvark onto his truck and headed to his company’s H.Q. 

Once the two of them arrived, the truck driver chose to call Dr. Erika de Jager, a well-respected vet in Namibia and runs the ZURI Orphanage. The orphanage centers on caring and providing a loving, warm, and safe environment for many animals.

The moment the vet looked at the tiny aardvark, she simply fell in love. She wanted to have him all to herself.

The kind-hearted vet named the sweet aardvark E.T and planned how to give him the best medical care available. The poor fella was malnourished but with time he began to gain weight and recover his strength.

When the adorable creature started to feel better, the vet transferred adorable E.T to her orphanage, where he quickly found two new canine pals: Spokie and Zarah.

Dr. Erika was thrilled to see how the baby aardvark was acclimating so nicely to his new environment. Nevertheless, she was surprised to grasp that out of all the species in the world, he befriended two dogs so quickly.

The dogs’ friendship really benefited E.T’s health, and he was back in shape in no time. The support of his caring friends inspired him to keep fighting and find his place in the world. 

Spokie and Zarah are doing everything with E.T; they play together, cuddle together, eat together, and even sleep together. Dr. Erika believes that E.T thinks he’s a dog because the pooches quickly accepted him as one of their own.

It’s adorable to see this loving trio spend every day together, enjoy each other’s company, and grow in size and personality.

Five months later, E.T had fully recovered, and he was finally well enough to return to his real home, at the wilderness of Namibia. 

E.T was thrilled to come back to the wild, but he never forgot about his human mommy and two canine BFFs. Dr. Erika tells that the sweet aardvark still comes to visit them from time to time, and they eagerly look forward to each visit.

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