Truck Convoy Stops To Help A Lost Thirsty Baby Elephant That Appeared Out Of Nowhere

A group of South African truckers were making their way through the vast savannas of Botswana. The drivers, who work for AfriAg transport company, were forced to stop after one of the bridges along their route collapsed. It was at that moment that a helpless baby elephant appeared from the bushes.

The Drivers instantly realized the poor animal was dehydrated and in distress. They let the helpless baby elephant drink from their own bottles and looked around them for the baby’s mother or herd. After a few minutes, the truckers came to realize the poor creature was there entirely on his own.

In the meantime, the bridge was almost completely fixed, so the truckers decided to load the elephant on one of the trucks and drop him off at a nearby sanctuary. According to Paul Oxton, the founder, and director of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, Botswana is known to have remarkable sanctuaries. It also has one of the world’s most affectionate national wildlife conservation strategies. Overall Paul is convinced the baby elephant will get the best treatment before returning to the wild.

Watch the heartwarming moment the truckers found the poor elephant here:

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