Sick Trophy Hunters Pose With Dead Polar Bears, As Part Of A $44,000 Hunting Trip

A report by The Daily Mirror claims that trophy hunters have slaughtered as many as 5,000 polar bears in Canada’s arctic circle in recent years. As if that notion isn’t sickening enough, polar bears, classified as a vulnerable species, are viewed as a prestige trophy among sport hunters.

Barbaric Trophy Hunters With A Dead Polar Bears
Worldwide Trophy Adventures

One of the companies offering such trips is Worldwide Trophy Adventures. On their website, the company offers a 12-day expedition for a humble price of $44,000. There’s an additional cost of $1043.83 ($1,375.50 Canadian), for every ‘harvest’ made. The company promises an “experienced Inuit polar bear guide with a dog team throughout the duration of the hunt”. Additionally, there’s also a guaranteed “field preparation of the trophy”. It’s worth mentioning that polar bears aren’t the only species offered on the sickening menu on the company’s website. Worldwide Trophy Adventures’ catalog also offers its customers to ‘harvest’ lions, tigers, ­leopards, elephants, and many other majestic creatures.

the sick packages offered on Worldwide Trophy Adventures' website
Worldwide Trophy Adventures

The American company offers these hunting trips in Canada, following a US law that came into effect in 2008. The law bans the importation of polar bear trophies, but sadly, does not ban their hunting. As it stands now, the only country to fully ban the hunting of polar bears is Norway. Inuits are the only ones permitted to hunt Polar Bears for cultural and historical reasons. According to The Mirror, some of these Inuits take advantage of this fact, and sell their license to companies and private hunters.  

As part of their coverage of the topic, The Mirror asked Eduardo Gonçalves of the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting for his input. Gonçalves said: “It is well known polar bears are in serious danger of becoming extinct because of climate change. If we want to see them survive, we need to stop the senseless slaughter.” Gonçalves concluded: “The ­Government should ban im­­­ports of all hunting trophies right away,” And we couldn’t agree with him more.

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