Everything You Need To Know Before Travelling With Your Pet

Having a furry companion on your side surely makes life a lot easier. That is, if course, unless you’re planning to travel with it. No need to worry though, we gathered all the tips and tricks you must know before packing your bags and setting off on an adventure with your furry companions this holiday season.

Taking Your Pet On A Plane

The first thing to know about taking your pet on a plane is not to leave the booking for the last minute. Most airlines only allow a certain amount of pets onboard, so booking in advance will increase the chances of your pet to come along. Another thing to keep in mind is that your pet’s ticket may be just as expensive, if not more expensive than your own ticket.

Familiarize your pet with the cage or carrier you’ll be using several weeks before the flight. Encourage your pet to take naps and spend time in the carrier by leaving treats inside it. The carrier will be your pet’s home for the flight, so making it as cozy and familiar as possible will make the experience a lot less stressful.

As only service animals and small pets that can fit with their carrier beneath the seats are allowed in the cabin, all other animals are required to fly in the cargo area. If you’re lucky enough to have your pet with you during the flight, consider bringing a dog water bottle with you to avoid unnecessary spills in the cabin.

Don’t forget to mark the carrier with a “Live Animal” sticker and to make sure it has all of your contact details. Additionally, avoid feeding and overhydrating your pet on the day of travel and try to tire it on the night before.

Road Tripping With A Pet

Taking a pet on the road is a lot easier than traveling by plane, as you have more control over when to make stops and don’t have to be considerate towards other passengers (other than maybe other family members).

Prep your pet by taking it on short rides in the weeks leading to the big trip, to make it comfortable with being inside a car. Bring your pet’s favorite toy or sheets with you. Familiar smells will help to keep your pet relaxed.

Make frequent stops for potty breaks, to give your furry friend food and water, or simply to let off some steam. A dog bottle will help you save yourself a few stops along the way, by offering a safe and easy way of serving your pet water while driving.

Keep your windows and sunroof closed for your pet’s safety, and consider getting a pet seatbelt, both for safety and legal reasons, as they are mandatory in some states.

Lastly, NEVER EVER leave your pet alone in the vehicle, even if the temperature seems tolerable. Cars heat up very fast and can reach extreme temperatures in a matter of minutes.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Travelling With A Pet 

Always make sure to have your pet clearly marked for easy identification. Locate local vet clinics in your destination and save their numbers for any emergency that may occur.

If you’re flying internationally, research the country’s pet travel requirements. Some countries ask for pets to be vaccinated a few months before traveling, and some require pets to go through parasite testing 24-48 hours before their arrival.

It’s important to do whatever you can to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Special calming pet treats with lavender, camomile, or CBD oil can help calm a pet down. Additionally, a dog bottle can help you save valuable time if you’re traveling by car and make serving your pet water on a plane a lot easier. 

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