Traumatized Rescue Dog Sleeps With His Food Bowl Every Night

An animal lover named Susanne was casually scrolling through her local rescue center’s website when she came across a picture of an adorable Jack Russell Terrier mix. Despite already owning a rescue dog, the woman, who instantly fell in love with the adorable pooch in need, couldn’t help but entertain the idea of adopting another one. Susanne soon came to learn that the dog was so traumatized from not having a constant supply of food, that he sleeps cuddled with his food bowl.

After falling in love with the doggo online, Susanne was so determined to adopt him that she queued outside the rescue center for three hours and sure enough, she was the first one to come forward and adopt him. The woman, who named her new dog Neville, knew nothing about his past, but it was clear that his first years weren’t easy.

Instead of eating from his own food bowl, Neville fought Susanne’s other dog for food and ate directly from the floor. He was obviously treated very badly as a stray and lacked food. After a few hard months of training, Susanne finally managed to train him to eat from his own bowl. That was also when Neville began to develop an obsession with his beloved bowl.

Now, two years after being adopted, Neville wouldn’t let his food bowl out of his sight and takes it with him wherever he goes. The dog even carries the food bowl to his bed and sleeps with it every single night. Neville’s heartbreaking obsession with his food bowl only goes to show how getting food isn’t a given for stray dog who sadly often end up starving to death.

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