Quiet And Traumatized Beagle Opens Up And Adores Her New Daddy

Peanut wouldn’t allow anyone near her for the first couple of weeks after she was rescued from the kill shelter. Happily, thanks to a lot of love and patience, those days are long gone. The lively beagle now adores her new daddy.

Over the 12 miserable months she spent at the shelter, Peanut never allowed anyone near her. Her new daddy, Eric Fox, speculates that it is most likely the reason no one ever came forward to adopt the pooch. Even after she was adopted, the 1-year-old pup was terrified of anyone and anything. It didn’t last long though. She might look like a Beagle, but she has the heart of a lion.

It took Peanut two weeks, but thanks to all the love and support from her new family, she eventually overcame her dire past. Her transformation is just incredible! This is just another reminder of how important it is to adopt rather than shop.

Watch the video that shows how much the beagle adores her new daddy:

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