Tourist Arrested Over Disturbing Sea Turtle Nest

Despite their rugged appearance, sea turtles are delicate animals who are given legal protection in numerous countries and in the United States as well.

They are classified as endangered animals, mainly due to humans’ actions and lifestyles.The state protects them by placing screens over them and by marking the nests so that people will be careful around them.

According to witnesses and police officers who arrived at the scene, a tourist lady allegedly decided to assault a nest of innocent sea turtles. Yaqun Lu, 41, was arrested and charged for allegedly disturbing the sea turtle nest by jabbing at it with a stick and jumping on it multiple times.

Thankfully, no permanent damage was done. According to the Miami Beach Police Spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez, the nest and its unborn inhabitants will make a full recovery.

Authorities try to do everything they can to protect this delicate endangered species; they alert people by marking the area with ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs and prevent people from getting close by placing perimeter of wooden stakes and yellow tapes

In addition, Florida law bars people from destroying, mutilating, harassing and disturbing marine turtles, eggs or nests.

According to court records, the tourist had to pay ten percent of a 75,000$ bond and the court barred her from returning to the area in which she committed the alleged crime.

Please contact the local police if you ever witness people performing such heinous acts! Your report could make all the difference in saving endangered species.

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