Tiny Neglected Pup Hears Woman’s Voice And Comes To Ask For Help

Nature can be unbelievably cruel sometimes. When this tiny and neglected pup was rejected by his mother along with his brother, the two had little chance of survival. Thankfully, they quickly met a kind woman that made sure to increase their chances significantly.

A Thai woman was hanging out with her friends when she heard tiny squeaks coming from the bushes nearby. She instantly sprung into action and began looking for the source of the adorable sounds. Seconds later, a tiny pup emerged from the bushes and crawled towards her. The tiny, and neglected pup, was covered in fleas from head to tail and had a huge infected wound on his back. He knew that the woman was his only hope and begged her to help him.

Seeing how skinny the puppy was, the woman rushed to get him puppy formula, which he gulped up in seconds. He was starving. While he was eating, the woman noticed that maggots were coming out of the wound on his back.

She sprinkled a special powder that killed them and dressed his wounds. The tiny and gentle squeaks the puppy made while the woman wrapped him in bondages must have attracted his brother because he emerged from the same bushes minutes later. The woman looked for their mother vigorously all over the place, sadly, without success.

After spending a couple of months with the kind woman, both puppies made unbelievable progress. They’ve developed a healthy appetite, and they’re no longer scared of people. The wound on the puppy’s back almost healed completely, and the two will soon be ready to begin a new and brighter chapter in their lives in their new forever homes.

Watch the heart-wrenching moment the puppy’s progress here:

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