Tiny Kitten With Huge Blue Eyes Finds A Forever Home

When a helpless tiny kitten with huge blue eyes was rejected by his mother at birth, Beth Walden, an animal rescuer from Florida, knew she had to do something to help the little fella.

The Kitten With The Huge Eyes Was Almost Blind

The palm-sized kitten was very fragile and needed the woman’s care around the clock. He was so small that he could easily be mistaken for a newborn, even though he was already 3 weeks old. The feline couldn’t even eat like other kittens his age. Walden had to feed him herself, one drop at a time. The kind woman cleaned the thick layer of crust that covered his eyes and treated it for infections. She wasn’t sure if he could ever see.

As Soon As He Opened Them, Beth Saw She Has A Kitten With Huge Blue Eyes
He grew in size and personality

It took the woman a couple of weeks, but the kitten quickly flourished. As his appetite grew, so did his size and personality. The kitten, whom she named Guinness, proved himself as one heck of a fighter. When Guinness recovered from the eye infection and opened them for the first time Walden fell in love with him even more. The tiny kitten, who was cute to begin with, revealed a pair of gorgeous huge blue eyes. It wasn’t long before he took his first steps and learned to walk.

The Kitten With The Huge Eyes Is Quite The Troublemaker

When Guinness was 5 weeks old Walden decided he was old enough to be introduced to her other, much larger cat, Mr. Tiny Pants. It was love at first sight. Guinness’s older brother taught him how to groom himself, how to use the litter box, and all the other kitty essentials.

Now, a few months later, Tiny Guinness hasn’t grown much in size, but he did in personality. He loves to play with his older brother and the two are always on the lookout for the next adventure.

Follow the tiny kitten’s progress on his Instagram account.

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