Tiny Bald Hamster Gets A Tiny Custom Sweater To Keep Him Warm

Despite being completely hairless, Silky is still one of the sweetest hamsters on the internet. The one-year-old hamster was born, and will forever remain, bald due to a rare genetic mutation.

Silky was surrendered to the Oregon Human Society (OHS) after his owners could no longer care for him. Upon his arrival, OHS Animal Care Technician Selene Mejia noticed that Silky was huddled in the corner of his cage, shivering from the cold. Selene was touched by this heartbreaking sight and knew she had to do something to help the poor creature.

So she put her sewing skills to good use, and sewed the Silky the most adorable tiny sweater to keep him nice and warm.

OHS staff member Diana Gabaldon uploaded the adorable pictures of the hamster to the shelter’s Facebook page, and he soon became an internet sensation, with his story covered by numerous news channels worldwide.

Following Silky’s enormous online success, a (bald) man by the name of Matthew Sears read a news report about the sweater-wearing hamster on BBC Online and instantly fell in love with him. Sears later reported to the OHS that – “Silky likes people and is super friendly and outgoing.”

We think that the bald duo makes a perfect match!

Watch Inside Edition’s video about Silky here:

The Oregon Human Society has many other pets that are looking for their forever homes, feel free to visit their site to adopt or donate!

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