Tiny 5-Week-Old Pug Thrown Away In Plastic Bag

It was an ordinary morning when the phone rang at the Coolronan Dog Shelter, a concerned woman was on the other end of the line. The woman, who sounded upset, rushed the volunteers to the scene. There was no way for them to prepare for what they were about to see.

While on her regular morning walk, the woman found a helpless 5-week old puppy inside a plastic bag. Ramona Cunningham and Chris Kelley, the two volunteers who were assigned to the scene, were completely heartbroken from the sight of the tiny pup.

The two volunteers, who are also life partners, rushed the puppy to the vet. The vet inspected the pup and revealed to the couple that the pooch was severely malnourished and dehydrated. If the woman wouldn’t have found him, he would have been dead in a matter of hours. The vet and his nurse instructed the couple on how to treat the puppy and bring him back to full health.

He was so small and weak that the couple decided it would be best to bring him back home with them, instead of taking him to the shelter. The two decided to name the puppy Bobby, after their dog-friend, who died just a week before. With the help of a bit of ice cream and a lot of love, Bobby grew stronger and soon completely recovered.

Ramona and Chris posted updates on Bobby’s incredible recovery, and it wasn’t long before adoption requests began pouring in. The couple, who initially only intended to foster the dog, couldn’t bear the thought of letting him go. To them, he was already part of the family.

Bobby’s adoring fans understood exactly why Cris and Ramona wouldn’t want to give the pup up. Despite their disappointment, Bobby’s loyal fans continue to receive regular updates on his condition.

Bobby is now a happy and healthy dog thanks to the observant woman who found him, and the heaps of love he received from Chris and Ramona.

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