Tiny 3-Day-Old Miniature Horse Plays Catch With His Human

Smaller versions of things are naturally more adorable than their full-sized counterparts. Just take cherry tomatoes for example.

The same rule, as proven by the next video, also applies to horses. The adorable 3-day old horsie, called Sammy, is seen enjoyably chasing his human around, while the horse’s mother, Grace, supervises the two’s playdate.

Seeing the charming little horsie led us to investigate the origin of these heart-melting creatures. It turns out that miniature horses first emerged around the 16th century as a result of selective breeding. The tiny critters were kept as pets by the European aristocracy. Luckily, you don’t have to be related to the European nobility to keep one of those nowadays.

As a result of their friendly nature and relatively long lifespan(25-30 years), miniature horses are commonly used as pets. They’ve been lately recognized by the US department of transportation as emotional support animals, allowing them to be taken on planes. And as proof, we bring you this charming picture of a mini-horsie on a plane:

Now let’s enjoy what we’ve all come here for – the video of the adorable miniature horse chasing his human:

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