New Timelapse Video Shows How Much Dogs Actually Move At Night

While parenting a newborn baby is a strenuous task, the next video proves that raising a pup is sometimes just as difficult. A couple captured a timelapse video that shows just how much dogs move at night, trying to find the perfect position for a goodnight’s sleep.

Anyone who ever owned a newborn pup could tell you that their lively and playful nature doesn’t fade once the sun sets. Puppies can get very demanding at night and sometimes even wake their owners up every hour, asking for attention and cuddles.

Bruno, the 8-months-old Beagle pup in this story, is no different. Bruno’s parents, Stacey and Mike, already have their hands full with their two young kids, and it seems that fussy sleeping runs in the family. After their friends doubted them when they complained about their sleepless nights, the couple decided to shoot a timelapse video to prove their point. Mike uploaded the video to Facebook and wrote: “Bruno the beagle nighttime, time-lapse. This is literally how we sleep every single night with the dog and some nights a kid or 2.” 

Watch the timelapse video that shows just how much dogs move at night here:

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