Tiger Runs After A Pair Of Motorcyclists In India

Riding on a motorcycle in India is something many like doing. But when we think about motorcycling in India with our partner, the last thing that crosses our minds is a huge tiger running after us.

The video shows a bizarre scenario in which a tiger emerges from the forest and starts sprinting after the bikers. It was the bike passenger who captured the whole situation.

It took place in the road near Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka, India. The bikers were shocked to see the huge wild animal popping out from the dark woods trying to catch them as if they were his prey. In fact, tigers can run at 49 – 65 km/h so they had to ride faster than that in order to escape death.

The tiger got very close to the motorcycle, luckily they didn’t lose balance and kept on driving faster till they got to safety.

Watch the video of the terrifying moment:

For some reason, the tiger decided to stop and went right back to the wild forest. The question remains is whether they saw him on the road before they passed or were they completely surprised by his appearance. But we are happy they filmed it so we could enjoy the scary moment too.

Although the video is entertaining and nothing happened to the bikers, there were tiger attacks that ended up really bad. Only this year 3 people have killed by the park’s tigers and there were more saddening occasions of deaths in the past.

The tiger is an endangered animal and  Nagarhole National Park is one of the last remaining places that protect endangered species such as tigers and bears.

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