Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother And Finds Comfort In His Puppy Best Friend

Captive-held animals lose many of their natural instincts, and in some sense, many of the things that made them unique and interesting in the first place. They stop hunting because they get a constant supply of food, some stop mating, but out of all, the saddest effect of caging wild animals is the loss of its motherly instincts. Luckily for the tiger cub in our next story, when he was rejected by his mother, someone else was glad to step in and shower him with love.

Hunter, the Bengal tiger cub, was born in the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. His mother was also born in captivity and rejected him a few days after birth. The staff were naturally concerned for the helpless cub’s wellbeing and worried that he wouldn’t find anyone to provide him with the motherly love and comfort he should have gotten. It was even more important to find Hunter a playmate because he was the only cub in his litter and needed someone to share his first steps with.

To everyone’s surprise, Hunter’s salvation came from an unlikely source. After being taken from his mother’s cage because she was acting aggressively towards him, sweet Hunter met a little german pointer named Chelsea. 

Chelsea is the same age as Hunter, and from the moment they laid eyes on each other, the two instantly bonded and began playing. 

Athena, Chelsea’s mother and a volunteer at the sanctuary, says that each morning when she takes her doggo for a walk, the pooch drags her towards her tiger friend’s cage to check on Hunter. The inseparable duo loves to wrestle and play with each other for hours.

According to Athena Huner and Chelsea’s unusual friendship will probably have to come to an end very soon. The cub grows bigger and stronger each day, and soon might be too strong to play with the little pooch. After seeing the way these two play, and witnessing countless examples of unusual bonds in the animal kingdom, we think there’s still a chance that the two will continue to be close friends for many years to come.

Watch the two lively babies adorably playing together in the video below:

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