This Video Of A Golden Pup Ringing The Doorbell Has Taken Over Social Media

This video will make your day! Most adorable Golden pup is captured trying to get back in by ringing the doorbell after breaking out.

Doorbells have come a long way for the past few years. Nowadays, we can answer our door when we’re away from home and catch criminals
in the act but we can also discover funny and absurd moments.
For example, Greg Basel used a video camera attached to his doorbell to see his sweet, sweet Golden ringing it, and decided to share the
comical moment with the whole world.

The three-month-old puppy found a way out of the house, but his escape was fairly short-lived. When the Golden Retriever had decided
that he’d spent enough time outside, the right course of action seemed pretty clear – ring the doorbell to tell Greg, his owner, that he
wanted to come back home. So adorable!

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