This Pup Is Ecstatic to Realize He’s Finally Found His Forever Home

The big dog couldn’t wait to leave the shelter and now he’s grateful to have his own forever home.

This poor pup was afraid and cautious when he was finally freed up from the horrible shelter life. Being locked for so long in the same place is hard but it gives a sense of security. While many assume that getting out of such a lonely place brings relief, it can be terrifying at the same time.

We all know that getting out of the shelter means being free or certain death.

But when Benny, the shelter dog realized he was going to be adopted, he was ecstatic. He couldn’t wait to leave the depressing pound and move on to a better and happier life.  

The internet community is lucky that the emotional moment was caught on camera. Witnessing the incredible sight has surely made our day.

Adoption saves so many lives every day. All they wish for is a loving companion that would never leave them. If you consider adding a furry family member to your pack, please contact your local animal shelter today!

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