This magical pigeon is called the “Victoria Crowned Pigeon” and we are astonished by its’ beauty

Upon looking at pictures of this majestic being, one would think its a type of a miniature peacock.

The Virginia Zoo

With bright royal – blue colored feathers, an adorning crown and beautiful red eyes, this just might be the prettiest land bird we have ever seen!

The Virginia Zoo

This stunning bird of a feather belongs to a Goura family of four unique-looking, ground-dwelling pigeon species. And can grow to the size of a turkey.

Laura Wolf

This beautiful creation of nature is called “Victoria Crowned Pigeon”, and is native to the New Guinea region. Its distinct name commemorates a great historical figure – the British Queen Victoria who ruled the UK in the last decades of the nineteenth century.

Laura Wolf
Sandy Cole

This bird is a rare sight, as most of them are bred in captivity. Deforestation is a great threat to their habitat and therefore, the species is included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Near Threatened.

Kitty Schweizer
Bernard Dupont

Also lessening their survival rate is the fact that a female, only lays one egg per mating season. Furthermore, their mating dance is as intricate as one could expect from such a fancy AF bird.

Dennis Jarvis
Derek Ramsey

Check out the rest of the magnificent pictures down below!

Jimmy Palma Gil
Edith Maracle (Berghout)
Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
Heather Paul
Terry Kearney

Would give this chick bread crumbs anytime!

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