This Is What Happens When A Pig Is Raised With 5 Dogs

Chowder is a 6-year-old Vietnamese pot-bellied pig that lives happily in the Golden State. The adorable pig lives with her five rescue dog siblings and her incredible mother named Shelby Madere.

Chowder is another proof that pigs are actually friendly and smart. Madere sees the whole bunch as one, they are all equally lovable and beautiful to her. It took time until the pig trusted Medere.

She says “I worked so hard to earn his trust everyday of every hour for those 7 mos. Even though he didn’t pay much attention to me, I realized in this moment that he loved me, that all of the love and patience I showed him, he always felt and knew and saw.” 

She was so happy when he started to show her affection, “This day meant everything to me. Always persevere, always love, the ones you don’t think see it, do and it is worth every moment. I am blessed beyond measure. This pig has given me some great revelation towards man. He’s been such a blessing to me.”

The adorable creature loves to be petted and likes showing its owner some love. 

The friendly pig loves her dog siblings so much. They like playing around and explore the area together.

Medere created a must-follow Instagram account (@piggypoo_and_crew), and she shares adorable pictures of her unique pet group. The joyful account has over 60K followers and posts every now and then pictures that would make your day much better!

Medere adopts another lovely pig named Gurdy, she shares:

“Gurdy’s here! She traveled 17 hours to get here with the most awesome and amazing gal @martawittmayer who offered to transport her when the original plan fell through.” 

Her new family is excited to meet her “Chowder is very excited to get to know her, he had no idea piggy’s come in, girl! Everyone is tucked away and we are excited to get up spend the day getting to know her and shower her with love.”

Recently Medere expanded her family by adopting two lovely donkeys and know her family is even more diverse. 

The incredible group has surely warmed our hearts. We can’t wait to see more pictures of them!
Make sure you follow their adorable Instagram account: @piggypoo_and_crew

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