This Emotional Reunion Has Taken Over Social Media For All The Right Reasons

Loving pet owners would agree that pets are family members. They have a special place in our hearts, and when something happens to them, our hearts skip a bit.

It was seven years ago when a California cat owner called Robert lost his cat, Chebon. Robert was left completely heartbroken, fearing that something bad might had happened to him.

One day before relocating to Ohio, the beloved feline went missing. The family put off their plans and stayed home for a whole another year, hoping Chebon will show up, but he never did.
Robert’s efforts to find Chebon were unsuccessful and so he had to move on and relocate to Ohio.

He was completely devasted and would go above and beyond just to reunite with him. In a video shared by the Ventura County Animal Services, the cat owner said

“I remember at one point I was praying and I said, ‘God, I’ll do anything, just bring my Chebon back’.” 

The earlier this month, seven years after Robert saw Chebon for the last time, he received a surprising call that left him speechless – his missing cat, Chebon, was found alive. 

A good-hearted woman came across a poor feline on the roadside, seeming in bad condition. She decided to take him to the vet’s clinic so he would get the medical attention he needed. The staff learned that the dirty feline was dehydrated, but happily, he was generally healthy.


They scanned the mysterious cat for a microchip and was shocked to discover that he was 19 years old and had an owner.
When Robert got the call, he couldn’t contain his feelings. Without second-guessing he booked a flight to LA and drove to Camarillo Animal Shelter, fearing that there had been a mistake.


Robert arrived at the shelter and waited in a private room to meet the cat. When they opened the cardboard box, he saw his Chebon, after seven years. He took him by his arms, and it seemed as if they were never separated.

The marketing manager for Ventura County Animal Services, Randy Friedman, said that everyone in the room was emotional. 

Watch the heartwarming reunion here:

Chebon recognized his dad right away, he climbed out of the box and hugged Robert, knowing he was back home. 

Friedman said that when Chebon wrapped his paws around Robert’s shoulder, the cat owner was relieved and began to bawl.
Happily, Chebon is back in his new home in Buckeye, Ohio, and survived the seven years safely. No one knows how Chebon went missing, but everything that matters now is that he is safe and sound and can spend the rest of his life at home with his beloved dad.

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