This Dog And Owl Are BFFs – These Adorable Photos Will Make Your Day

One Lucky Photographer Catches Unlikely Buddies Playing Together!

Animals have so many lessons to teach us, and they should start by showing us how they build incredible emotional and practical bonds with other animals, no matter how different they are from one another.

Many animals in the wild find companionship and true friendship in animals outside their species; many animals love playing with young cubs and won’t harm them because of their young, fragile state. Moreover, many animals work together in symbiosis, to help each other co-exist most pleasantly and efficiently.

Despite all our accomplishments, we still need to learn from animals how to cultivate a friendship, which is based on love and care, affection, loyalty, and fun. These fair values come to animals naturally, so just by watching the way they’re communicating, we can earn a lot of insight.

The photographer Tanja Brandt knows the importance of learning from our fauna friends, and thus decided to dedicate her life to document her true passion – the animal kingdom. 

Tanja has been spending her days blessing the world with the most incredible images, which show life in its most natural and beautiful state.

One of her last shoots uncovered the fantastic friendship that emerged between Ingo, an impressive German shepherd dog, and Poldi, an astute owl.

The photographer shows both Ingo and Plodi being just what they are – the most synchronized, happy, and loving BFFs. Tanja took pictures of the dynamic duo playing and having fun “adventures” together. The images were posted and shared on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ingo and Plodi are indeed an inspiration to friendships everywhere.

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