This Cat-Lover Decided to Make a Statement Pro Cat Adoption at Her Own Wedding

Karen Marmo was getting ready for her wedding, and boy was she excited! As a sworn cat-lover, Karen knew that she had to do something that will commemorate her love for felines throughout her most important day.

Karen is a huge advocate for animal adoption, and mainly fluffball adoption. She has already adopted two kitties of her own, named Catbug and Luna.She knew she wanted to do something innovative and engaging yet comical. That’s when the most brilliant idea came to mind: in order to make it her own, Karen has decided to give the traditional tossing of the bouquet a transformative twist – instead of throwing a bouquet of flowers, this lovely lady will be throwing a cat.

Karen Marmo

Not a real cat, of course, but a toy cat, which will symbolize her eternal obsession towards cats. The person who will catch the coveted kitty doll will be chosen to adopt a cutie patootie kitty!

The clever idea allows both men and women to take part in the amusing tradition and give one sweet furball a chance to find a loving forever home.

Karen Marmo

It’s pretty funny and exciting when you think about it: instead of maybe foretelling that this woman might be the next one to marry because she caught the ‘lucky’ bouquet, one person will be chosen to bring a new, happy ball of light into his or her life.

Karen Marmo

This new tradition has much more certainty to it, it guarantees you’ll find love and companionship soon (even if it’s not romantic love), and it’s much more inclusive and generous.

Although it’s a pretty neat idea, when Karen was tossing the bouquet, it landed on her friend Emma who is, sadly, very allergic to kitties.

Due to her allergies, Emma couldn’t adopt a kitty into her heart. However, Karen donated to her local shelter to make up for the failed adoption attempt.

Karen still hopes that her guests will consider embracing a fluffy kitty into their lives and believes that the game was an informative, fun, and refreshing way to present the importance of adoption.

Karen Marmo

Karen also hopes that more kitty lovers will adopt the amusing new tradition, to encourage more people to adopt pets in the future.

Karen Marmo

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