This Cat Has The Most Amazing Mustache! He is So Cute You Can’t Look Away

Gringo The Cat Has a Very Distinguished Look, That Has Been Making Headlines Across The Web

All animals are incredible in their own way. Some of them are so cute and unique, that looking at them hypnotizes us to a point where we just can’t look away.

Many of those animals find themselves making waves all over the internet and especially on Instagram. The photos fill people’s hearts with love and feelings of awe and absolute cuteness.

Meet Gringo, the cat who’s been making the latest headlines on the web, because of his beautiful, unique mustache. 

The one-year-old British Shorthair has such a sophisticated look, people fall in love with his adorable face within seconds.

Some have linked charming Gringo to a “Victorian-era detective”. One thing is for sure, people just can’t get enough photos of the alluring little cat.

Gringo is 2 years old. He lives in France with his owners Sabrine and Romain, and his cute brother Milko.

Gringo used to have a very successful Instagram page, with almost 60,000 followers. After his account was hacked, Gringo was very upset, but soon recovered and established a new page which already has 12,000 old and new fans.

Sabrine, one of Gringo’s owners, says Gringo is one happy kitty. He is energetic, playful, loves causing mischief, and having fun with his brother.

Sabrine and Romain fell in love with Gringo on a popular French cattery site. They knew instantly this cat had to be theirs and made that wish come true.

The owners have already had Milko and were a little afraid the two wouldn’t hit it off. However, the cats had surprised their owners immensely, when they’ve become the best of friends within a few days only.  

Since then, they’ve been updating the cats’ Instagram pages daily and enjoying every moment.

Even though Gringo is quite the naughty cat, his owners love his personality and having a laugh together, as Gringo tries to stand on two feet or jump in the garden plants.   

Despite his distinguished look, his personality is basically a firecracker. Gringo always tries to find yummy food, even if it’s in his owner’s plates. He also loves chewing on the kitchen sponge, so his owners must hide it every single day.

Sabrine and Romain love spending time with their cats and uploading media to their Instagram pages.

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Hello my name is Milko. I was born in house who nobody wanted me.. My 2 sisters were adopted when i was 3 months old, I stayed alone on a tiny balcony waiting to be loved.. One day someone saw me and tried to rescue me though an organization. But I was very shy and scared of everything… I had 2 different owners & It didn't go well for both of them. They wanted a kitty already playing and jumping around. I wasn't like this.. So they got rid of me and I went back in my tiny space once again.. After 1 year waiting patiently, meowmy saw me, (it was love at first sight) & adopted me. We moved in a nice new home and I had a new dad too! I became happy and I felt love for the first time! They were very patient with me. NOW I am the luckiest cat in the world !! 🐾 #rescue#happy#cat#love#rescuecat

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Gringo became a part of the family when he was just about 3 months old. He and Milko have created a special bond and, nowadays, they’re practically inseparable.

A sophisticated cat, having the best time of his life in a good home with loving owners. All we hope is that they all stay happy and united forever.

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