This Bird’s Unusual Feet Look Like Feathers

Most of the 18,000 birds that exist on this planet share the same few basic characteristics. Others, on the other hand, developed unique features that helped them adapt to specific conditions, just like the Coots. These Bird’s feet look like they’re covered in feathers, and for a very good reason.


Coots are found all over the world from Euro-Asia, to the Americas, and even in Hawaii. Each sub-species has its own unique characteristics and colors, but there’s one thing that all Coots have in common – their unusual looking feet. Being waterfowls, Coots spend most of their days swimming. Having such large feet can come in handy, as they can act like flippers that help Coots dive and catch food.

Coot - Fulica atra

If you haven’t fallen for these unique birds yet, check out their adorable fledglings:

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