This Adorable Husky Chooses Her Own Friend to Take Home From The Shelter

The Husky Befriended the Cutest Kitten At the Shelter! It Looks Like a Beginning Of a Beautiful Friendship

When Ravan, the delightful husky, started to seem bored and tired, her human mommy, Christina, knew it was time to get her a new friend to fill her days, run around with, and have the best time. 

Christina knew she couldn’t just pick anyone; friends should have chemistry and a warm way to communicate, and that’s precisely what she wanted Raven to have.

So, she decided to get Raven’s perspective and took the pup with her to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas, to pick her new friend herself! 

Christina always wanted to have a dog and a cat and raise them together. However, she knew some cats and dogs might find it hard to get along, so she preferred Raven would pick her new friend by herself; meet all the kittens and choose the one she connects with best. Christina believes that if the two of them find some common ground at the shelter, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Raven met 4 new possible friends, all kittens. Most of them were indifferent towards Raven, except one adorable furball called Woodhouse. The moment their eyes met, they knew it was true friendship. 

Woodhouse was picked to be Raven’s new and only best friend – quite a coveted title. Moreover, she finally has a warm, loving home, like she and all animals genuinely deserve.

A year later, the happy family is still closer than ever! They show each other so much love, cuddle, and play together. The are inseparable adorable BFFs, that’s for sure.

Raven went with her loving owner to the shelter to find the perfect best friend

Raven had to pick one friend out of four kittens. Only one of them, Woodhouse, had the right spark that could ignite a true friendship

The second their eyes met – they knew they were destined to become best friends!

That day Woodhouse earned a home, a new mom and a new best friend

One year later the pair is closer than ever!

They sleep together

They’re the perfect match

They even celebrate their birthdays together!

Christina, their human mom, is happy to see her two babies filled with so much love and joy.

But it’s abundantly clear they’re going to stay best friends forever

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