These Adorable Squirrels Look Like Pokémons And Can Only Be Found On A Few Japanese Islands

When we find a new and adorable species of animal we just have to share it with our followers, and this is exactly what happened when we found out about these precious balls of fluff. The Japanese dwarf flying squirrels who also go by ‘Ezo Momonga’ can only be found on a handful of Japanese islands, and it looks like they’re definitely worth a visit.

According to, Japanese dwarf flying squirrels can avoid predators by gliding to a distance of up to 100 meters (328ft), and are “extremely small and fluffy”. The adorable fluffy squirrels are only active during the night (nocturnal), but unlike other squirrels, don’t hibernate and can be found jumping from tree to tree throughout the year.

Finding these magical-looking creatures is no easy task. Apart from only being found on only two Japanese islands, Kyushu and Honshu, these squirrels live in treetops and never climb down in search of food. Individuals of the same sex often share the same nests resulting in adorable pictures like these:

Japanese dwarf flying squirrels feed mainly on pine seeds, nuts, some insects, the buds and bark of certain trees, and the occasional fruit. They grow up to 4.7-9″ (12-23cm), so they stay tiny and adorable throughout their tiny and adorable lives.

Watch them in action in the video below:

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