These Pictures Show Why Animals Are So Much Better Than Humans

We humans might think highly of ourselves and place ourselves at the top of the food chain, but these photos prove that we still have a long way to go when it comes to expressing kindness, selflessness, and other equally important qualities:

Hammer’s human sibling caught the flu, so he cuddled up next to him to encourage him

When this sweet pooch was introduced to an orphaned kitty, her maternal instincts kicked in, and she started producing milk

This kitty’s human mother brought in a stray cat from the street. his cat immediately made her feel at home

When this dogs owner’s sister became pregnant she started showering her with extra doses of love and affection

Luna’s canine-sister Daisy hates car rides, so she snuggles and cheers her up

This kitty follows her human to the gym and waits in the lobby for her to finish training

These two furballs are BFF’s despite their differences

This previously stray dog kept coming back to visit his pelican best friend, even after he found a loving forever home

This was replacing roof tiles one winter when he fell off and broke his neck. His faithful dog Kelsey kept him warm and barked until he got help. She practically saved his life

And last but definitely not least – When this Kitty, who despises water and wouldn’t come anywhere near it, heard his baby sibling’s desperate cries from the other room, he ran and jumped in the tub to save him. He overcame his biggest fear to save his brother – what a legend!

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