These Pictures Of A Smiling Gecko With His Toy Is All You Need To Brighten Your Day

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need us to tell you how much looking at pictures of adorable animals can improve one’s mood.

While most of these “mood-enhancing” pictures usually depict adorable furry animals, we’ve decided to bring you images of a more exotic, yet equally adorable animal.

Meet Kohaku, a Leopard Gecko with the most charming, infectious smile. He can’t stop smiling, maybe it’s because he loves his little gecko toy so much.

And yes, we know that Geckoes aren’t really capable of smiling, but Kohaku sure knows how to pull a pretty close imitation of one. Just watch this video and see for yourself!

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Take a few moments to recharge, and boost your mood, with the adorable pictures of Kohaku The Smiling Gecko!

BTW, if you ever thought about adopting a pet Gecko, you should know that they’re actually pretty easy to take care of. All they need is to be kept in a large aquarium with a temperature of between 75-85 degrees and to receive a constant supply of crickets, worms, earthworms, slugs, silkworms, moths, grasshoppers. Oh and of course, for you to show them a lot of love

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