These Fascinating Squirrels Wear Magnificent Rainbow-Colored Coats

It’s not a joke, there really are rainbow squirrels out there, and they’re enormous!

The Malabar squirrels are one of the most immense kinds of squirrels found in nature. They are so big that they could grow over 30 inches long through their lives. 

The unique squirrels are usually found around India, and they’re so beautiful that you could literally stare at them for hours.

The multi-colored squirrels have all the colors of the rainbow on their coat, including blue, red, yellow, and even purple.
The hypnotizing colors give the charming squirrels an extraordinary look. They make us want to fly to India and visit them right now!


The sweet Malabar squirrels are well-known for their stunning coats. Although they seem quite eye-catching to us, their colors are actually intended to be means of survival. 

Most of the Malabar squirrels spend their days in dense forests, filled with trees, bushes, and shaded colors that allow them to camouflage themselves from predators. 

These sweet squirrels are also fans of quiet and solitude.  They like it best when no one can sneak up on them or spot them easily. 

 Wikimedia Commons

In spite of their significant figure, most of the Malabar squirrels are entirely undetectable. Even when you look for them, you have to do it quietly and on their own terms. 

Some people in India say that you can spot these beautiful rainbow-like squirrels up on big, shady trees. Since they hide out in their nests, people must climb and wait silently until the mesmerizing squirrels feel safe enough to come out and show their rainbow colors.

If you happen to be up on a tree in an Indian forest, now is your chance to get a sneak peek of these cutie patooties. You could try and tempt them to come out of their hiding place using some fruit, flowers, nuts, or yummy, crunchy tree barks. Either way, please snap us a photo, because we just can’t get enough of these colorful creatures.


Nowadays, many Malabar squirrels are struggling to find a home. Their forests are disintegrating due to men’s hand and severe climate changes around India.

The squirrels need their dense trees to enjoy a proper way of living. Although it’s hard for them, some experts claim that the resilient squirrels find ways to acclimate themselves in less dense spaces. Furthermore, they are just fine around humans, and could easily build nests near their communities with no fear for their safety. 

The charming Malabar squirrels look like wonders of the Earth. Nature continues to surprise us with such beauty and adorableness every day. 

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