These Birds Attract Partners By Looking Like Strawberries During Mating Season

Our planet is home to countless amazing species, but it seems that the most diverse of all are the birds. These creatures never cease to amaze us with stunning colorsamusing behaviors, and otherworldly appearances. We were astounded when we found that the birds in our next story attract partners by looking like strawberries during mating season. Yep, you’ve read it right.

As opposed to the birds in our previous stories, that carried weird and unusual names, this one is rightly named Strawberry Finch. They’re tiny little critters that only measure at around 3-4inches (9-10cm) on average.

The Strawberry Finches are abundant throughout southeast Asia. They can be found year-round in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The delightful finches prefer to inhabit flat plains and valleys, with tall vegetation that can serve as natural camouflage for their sphere-shaped nests.

But what makes the Strawberry Finches truly magnificent, is the fact that they completely change their brown-grey plumage each year. The incredible birds attract partners by looking like strawberries every mating season.

Sadly though, the majestic strawberry-colored plumage is also the Strawberry Finches’ downfall. The bird’s bright scarlet colors made them a popular pet that is too often kept in small cages that aren’t suitable for the wild birds they are.

Share these beautiful images of the Strawberry Finches, and show the world what magnificent creatures they are.

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