Therapy Dogs Fly-Out to Emotionally Support El Paso Victims and First Responders

Last Saturday, 20 people were killed and 26 were injured in a horrific mass shooting inside a Walmart in a Texas city. Afterward, the shooter surrendered to police.

Rudy and Chanel – trained in crisis management – were sent via airplane to provide endless love and comfort for those in need.

The Dogs were sent by The Methodist Healthcare System of San Antonio, to El Paso, Texas in an emergency call, and went to meet first responders and victims coping with the trauma from the tragic event.

The two know how to react to emergency situations, and are able to recognize those who need their attention. They typically visit Methodist Healthcare hospitals daily to provide comfort and support to patients.

“Chanel and Rudy our facility dogs made it to El Paso this morning. They are already providing their unconditional love and support to first responders helping them cope through this traumatic time,” the facility shared on Facebook.

The therapy dogs arrived on Sunday according to the hospital, and performed their jobs, aiding people coping with the horrific events that unfolded.

“Thanks to Southwest Airlines safely and swiftly getting them down there. We will continue to send prayers to El Paso as well as to Dayton OH,” they added.

It was the first flight the dogs had taken, and they were accompanied by special handlers, according to KSAT.

Over the next several days, the dogs will visit first responder stations and hospitals throughout El Paso.

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