The World is Obsessed With This Adorable Pooch Who Looks Like a Bear

Bertie, or by his full name Bertram, is a unique dog. He looks just like a bear and is so sweet that he could just melt your hearts within seconds.

The canine was adopted by his forever family, through a popular website called Petfinder. Nowadays, sweet Bertie lives in his forever home in New York and takes many trips to The Hole, a gallery that belongs to his human parent’s friend. 

Between photo shoots and acting all adorable, he spends his time with his forever family and spreads joy and cuteness wherever he travels.

The sweet Pomeranian is making waves all over Instagram; his delightful images are shared all over the social media and pleases people’s day.

Here are some of his favorite images on Instagram. Try not to die from adorableness.

1. Well, well, isn’t it adorable? He’s all dressed up for the event of the year!

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2. How fun is it to feel the fresh find across your face?!

3. He can hide, but he’s so adorable that we’ll always find him.

4. This doggy sure has style!

5. Wow, is that a new friend?! 

6. Hello there, sweetie-pie! How adorable are you with your watermelon tie!

7. Is he trying to make a music video?

8. He sure looks comfortable, what a model.

9. The star of the event, for sure.

10. Cutie, why so blue?! Maybe he needs better reading glasses.

11. We wish we could pet him right now.

12. We guess that Bertie doesn’t really like baths, but that’s the price you pay to stay beautiful, darling…

13. Well, isn’t he the prince of the world?!

14. Is that a doll?! No! It’s sweet Bertie.

15. Everyone needs their beauty sleep, even cuties like this delightful canine.

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