The World Is Astounded By This Beautiful Albino Turtle

Wow! Look at this beautiful albino turtle. You haven’t seen it all just yet because this incredible creature is going to blow your mind.

Nature always surprises us with its wonders and amazing phenomenons. One of them is the incredible Albino Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima or the Painted Wood Turtle. 

This turtle is pretty rare, that’s the reason only few people have been lucky enough to see the stunning being. The only places in which he has been spotted so far are the west coast of Mexico and Central America.

Unlike most turtles, or albinos for that matter, the Painted Wood Turtle is decorated with astonishing red and yellow colors, making it look like the most fashionable turtle in the entire world. This guy is definitely ready for a closeup!

Aside from a modeling career, this amazing turtle mostly focuses on food. He loves eating everything that moves like grass, fruits, wildflowers, insects, worms, and even fish.

It’s no wonder that this turtle is called The Painted Wood Turtle, because he looks like an abstract painting, full of beautiful colors and lines.

Unfortunately, the beautiful creatures don’t live more than 20 years, which is a short lifespan compared to other turtles. Their numbers are declining due to men’s abusive hands. 

Many people sell those beautiful creatures in black markets because of their unique looks. Sadly, these turtles aren’t fit to live in captivity, and thus perish within a year in captivity.

Albinism by itself is a well-known singularity, which is quite common among animals and people. The phenomenon arises because of low melanin levels in the skin, which is in charge of pigmentation of the skin, eyes, and hair. The cause of Albinism is genetic, so most people and animals who suffer from it had inherited it from their parents.

Albinism occurs when genes block the production of melanin, thus leaving us without color, and sensitive to the sun.

In reptiles, the phenomenon develops differently. Instead of blocking melanin entirely, reptiles’ genes enable their bodies to express only one kind of pigment, which could manifest itself as yellow, orange, red, or pink skin color.

 Thanks to that small change, the Painted Wood Turtle exhibits such impressive colors, and has enchanting red eyes. They are marvels of nature, that’s for sure.

The problem is that what albinos acquire in beauty, they lack in camouflage. Due to their bright and shiny colors, these turtles make easy prey for many predators so their lives are threatened daily.

Fortunately, the incredible turtles have a nice, secure shell to keep them protected from hungry animals. The turtles could easily hide inside it for a long time, until the predator becomes tired and decides to give up.

Although we believe that they are just fantastic, many turtles treat albino turtles as social pariahs, due to their unique looks. They also suffer from vision and hearing problems. Despite their incredible beauty, it’s actually better for them not to procreate – we must remember that Albinism is a medical condition, after all.

We just love the beautiful albino turtles and hope that they will live a long and happy life. Watch the adorable and stylish creatures in the video below.

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