The World Can’t Get Enough Of The Unlikely Parrot-Cat-Puppy Trio

Friendship comes in many shapes and colors. One heartwarming tale about two creatures with nothing else in common, but their magical bond, shows how they’ve befriended in the most unexpected ways.

When we think about birds and cats associating, the last picture that would probably cross our minds is a cat carrying a parrot on its back all day long.

Have you ever thought about the most unusual friendship you could think of? Well, you’re in for a surprise.

Meet Ponzu and Mango, one of the most unlikely pairs that were captured on camera. This article takes us straight into the popular duo’s life, showing us that despite size and color differences, all sorts of beings can form extraordinary bonds.

It all started when their mom began sharing pictures of the two partners in crime, and as expected, they became viral within an instant. But apparently, there’s more to it than that. Their unusual friendship shows that animals may be far more emotionally complex than most people believe.

On a regular day at their lovely home, you could see Ponzu walk around the house with Mango on his back. It seems like they are inseparable!

Their day starts with a long walk around the park as they greet people and pose for strangers’ cameras and continues as they go to mom’s restaurant where they are the center of attention.

They feel so comfortable together to the degree that Ponzu lets Mango ride his back and nip his ear.

When the day is done or naptime is about to come, they cuddle and fall asleep by each other sides.

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Nature is full of surprises. It is known that unlikely partnerships can be found in the wild as well; birds resting on zebras’ backs and even sharks surrounded by cleaner fish. It goes to show that different kinds of species realize life is better with a partner.

But while Ponzu and Mango thought they were the only animal siblings in the house, they didn’t know they had another thing coming for them.

Meet the one and only – Tufo! As his owner said, “he is tiny but mighty.” The Shiba Inu is one hell of a lucky boy for being a part of this incredible family. But what do Ponzu and Mango think about this situation?

This picture says it all:

Watch the hilarious video of Ponzu the cat and Tofu play fight

The power trio is in town!

As the stylish bunch is growing and keep amassing more fans, the world can’t get enough, and we can’t blame it! What animal should be the next addition to their family?

And here they are:

What do you think?

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