The State of California Is The First To Ban Manufacture and Sale Of Animal Fur

As of 2023, California residents will no longer be allowed to make or sell fur shoes, clothing, and handbags.


Animal rights activists from all over the world hailed the decision after hard work and dedication to ban it for a while now.

Besides banning the fur trade, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill banning the exploitation of many animals in circus shows.

Governor Newsom said, “California is a leader when it comes to animal welfare, and today that leadership includes banning the sale of fur.”

Though the ban is a remarkable milestone in the animal rights world, the ban doesn’t apply to leather and the full skin of deer, goats, and sheep, according to the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Anyone found to be in breach of the new law will be confronted with a stiff fine of $500 and in repeat cases, $1,000.

The Humane Society USA stated: “We applaud Gov Newsom and the state’s lawmakers for recognizing that California citizens do not want their state’s markets to contribute to the demand for fur products.”

As animal lovers around the world are thrilled by the good news, the Fur Information Council’s spokesman, Keith Kaplan, criticizes the new ban and says it was a part of a “radical vegan agenda using fur as the first step to other bans on what we wear and eat.”

Happily, fashion house Prada, announced last May it would end animal exploitation by stop using fur from the next spring-summer 2020 line.

The world follows in Cali’s footsteps and the UK’s Selfridges announced it would ban the sale of exotic animal skins from February 2020.

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