The Real Reason Your Dog Stares At You While It Poops

People who take their dogs out during the day have probably noticed that they stare at them while they poop. Our first instinct tells us they feel awkward, or maybe they stare at us because they give us a hint, they want some privacy. But the real reason dogs look at us while they are defecating is much deeper than we might think.

Even though we see them as family members, as if they were human beings, they are still animals, and they still have wild instincts. Dogs always aware of their surroundings, their natural survival mechanism keeps them alert to every danger that might come.

The specific position in which our dogs defecate puts them in a vulnerable situation. While dogs poop, they are not ready to attack or escape, in fact, when dogs defecate, they know that they cannot protect themselves as always.

So why do they look at us when they know that we would never hurt them? The reason they gaze at us when they poop is that they see us as part of their pack, they trust us, rely on us. If your dog looks at you while it’s defecating it means that they count on you to alert it if something happens. They actually look at your body language to see that everything is ok. 

Your dog expects you to have its back in cases of hazardous situations. Most dogs don’t like pooping while there are lots of people and action around, for the same reason, they rather do it in a calm place.

So, if your dog looks at you while it poops it’s not because it is shocked by your bad manners rather because it trusts you and counts on you to act in hazardous scenarios.

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