The Rainbow Colors Of This Bird Are So Mesmerizing People Thought It Wasn’t Real

Every once in a while, we come across pictures of birds that are so adorable, magnificent or otherworldly, that we can’t help but write a whole story about them. We’re proud to announce that the unusually named white-browed tit-warbler, is now one of those birds!

The stunning birds are very hard to spot, considering they only nest in the high-altitude forests of northern Asia, central China the Himalayas and Russian Siberia. They’re foragers who feed on small insects they find under roots and between rocks.

We’re not sure why the person who named the white-browed tit-warbler chose to focus on their ‘white brows’, rather than on their stunning rainbow-colored bodies, that range all the way from indigo-blue to orange and red.

Share the pictures of these magnificent creatures with friends and family members.

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