The Perfectly Round Bearded Reedlings Can Pull Off A Perfect Split

There’s a tremendous diversity of birds in the animal kingdom, varying from cute and colorful, all the way to frightening and mysterious. The next pictures of the perfectly round Bearded Reedlings pulling off perfect splits will surely make you fall in love with these adorable critters.

The precious little birds are about 6.5″ (16.5cm) in size, making them the perfect shape and size to fit in your palm. 

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As their names suggest, the Bearded Reedlings’ most prominent feature (apart from being adorable), is their male’s black beard-like markings. 

While looking very similar to the males, the female Bearded Reedlings don’t have any marks whatsoever.

The females also have paler colors and darker beaks, but that, of course, doesn’t stop them from doing splits that are just as impressive as the males’.

The adorable and perfectly round Bearded Reedlings don’t migrate and are common across Europe and certain parts of Asia year-round.

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