The Only Gray Wolf Pack Remained In California Brings 3 Newborns Into The World

The gray wolf species, unfortunately, was wiped out back in 1920. But there is good news to California’s ecosystem. As the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported; there are three new wolf pups in town!


The baby wolves were born to the Lassen Pack, which is a group that wanders around the Lassen and Plumas counties in northeastern California.

The fact that there are even a few gray wolves in California isn’t taken for granted. Back in the 20′, a hundred years ago, the farmers and ranchers obliterated the whole gray wolf population in California. Then, in 2011, a gray wolf roamed into California borders, and the wolf population has been slowly growing.

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Luckily, the trail camera captured the wolf parents and their pups on video two months ago — the footage is from far away from civilization, about 100 miles from Oregon border. The addition of the three wolf pups increased the gray wolf population in California to around 10. Since the nature of wolves, is to roam hundreds of miles and only two wolves wear radio collars, it is hard to estimate the exact number.


Thanks to conservationists, the wolf population isn’t growing only in California but in other states as well. They relocated tens of individuals in Yellowstone National Park and Frank Church Wilderness from Canada. The wandering wolf who roamed to California from Oregon, named OR-7, marked the recovery of the wolf population.


The West coast wolf population went extinct for locals wiped them out. Ranchers and farmers wanted to protect their flocks from wolves, therefore they poisoned and hunted them till there were no gray wolves left.


Wolves are essential for a healthy and balanced ecosystem. They balance the deer and elk numbers by hunting them. If the deer and elk were overpopulated, the vegetation would be over-eaten, which negatively affect other species like beavers, birds, etc.

The growing numbers of the wolf population in California is one of the best environmental developments in conservation in the Golden State.

Don’t miss the rare video of the adorable wolf pups!

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